Teenagers are Leaving Facebook

So begin in the senior housing industry, this post from SocialMediaToday.com is amazing, the graphic tells it all, with an 80% jump in users age 55+.

Why ‘Teenage Flight’ From Facebook is Good for B2B

There has been much talk recently about the wholesale abandonment of Facebook by its initial core user base, teenagers and early 20s. While the internet is abuzz with this phenomenon, and the potential it has to lead to Facebook’s downfall, we in the B2B community should be excited; this is the best thing that could have happened!

Teens and Facebook

It has been reported that, since 2011, millions of teens have left Facebook. The reasoning behind this mass exodus is that Facebook is not “cool” anymore. Facebook was once a refuge for young people to express themselves outside the prying eyes of their parents, but has now become something totally different.Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and other “niche” social networks seem to be the new home for many teenagers. While daily use of Facebook has slightly diminished as a result of this development, older more professional types of users are filling the gap left by the exit of the younger demographic.For years, B2B marketers have shied away from social media altogether for many reasons, including its demographic. We are seeing more and more professionals becoming active on Facebook. As a result, Facebook has become fertile ground for B2B marketers to generate leads, and establish potentially beneficial professional relationships.

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