CubTrails Saved My Life

CubTrails Saved My Life and Sanity

About 2 weeks ago I sat at my old Windows machine (super old, I’m a Mac user now), logged in via FTP to some dotnet software developed in what looked like the early ’90’s and attempted to make sense out of the cub scout awards I was supposed to go buy for the pack meeting coming up the next day.   After sitting there for hours, working with the BSA online crappy database I decided I needed to check out a tip my friend gave me.  He said to try CubTrails because it was developed by one of the creators of Infusionsoft.
I have used Infusionsoft now for about 5 years and when I heard there could be a solution out there anything remotley like it for tracking the Cub Scout advancements, online, in the cloud I was all for it!  I was called as the Cub Committee Chair about 9 months ago and I’m just now realizing how horrible the PackMaster software really is now that I’m forced to do it myself.  The poor chap that had to do this before me, holy cow that’s a tough job!

The program is great.  It is still being worked on and new features are being added, but it is worth it’s weight in gold!   If you go to their facebook page you can get an 18% discount with a year membership after your trial is up.

Just do it and save sanity!

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